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Death of a Class A
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Look at how well protected your family members would be in the event of an accident. It sure is pretty but a death trap in an accident. Look at that stout, aluminum, overhang on the back! (A little different than my Barths 8" piece of channel running front to back on top of the chassis.)

During the time I was looking for a motorhome, I happened to be at an insurance company salvage auction. I spotted a REALLY NICE, beautiful, rear engine diesel pusher that looked immaculate (I think it may have been a Fleetwood)! Hoping the damage was something minor like hail, I walked around the coach. To my surprise, the entire drivers side of the coach was gone from front to back. I mean entirely gone. Looked like someone had taken a chainsaw and completely removed the side. Or more that it looked like a show coach with the entire side wall removed to show the inside. The driver had hit a bridge. I could envision one of my kids on the sofa as that side was ripped off and laying on the roadway. Then and there, I decided against a "PRETTY" stick/staple coach and started looking for a metal riveted construction unit.
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I agree...that coach looks to be REALLY flimsy!

About 10 years ago, on I-70W in MO, I passed a wrecked motorhome spread out a couple of hundred yards on the shoulder.


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Location: Nova Scotia
Member Since: 12-08-2006
Posts: 3013
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There was one a couple of years ago, I think in San Francisco with a coach that coasted down one of the hills hit something and the quick stop tore a cabinet loose decapitating the driver. Coach had minimal damage, windshield and cabinet mostly.

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OK, I take the blame for the crash and burned posting. We need to move to something more fun and exciting.
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