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ALL I can say is I want one :)
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I sure wouldn't want to insure the unit because of the risk of sinking...

In the case of the car above, would you buy insurance against it NOT sinking? Because it's supposed to sink.....right....Oh, nevermind D'oh

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Originally posted by K&E:
My first thought (I've been in the insurance business for 25 years) was I sure wouldn't want to insure the unit because of the risk of sinking....I then got to thinking, to insure against sinking it would have to be insured as a boat. Most motorhome policies are based off of automobile policies and would not cover sinking/water damage. Interesting scenario....

I was in the insurance business for about 30 years (and did a lot of wet marine). The interesting dilemma is that the "watercraft" policy (vessels 26' and under) is based on the personal auto policy. But a 40' "boat" would have to go under a "yacht" policy, which bears no resemblence to any auto policy.

Covering one of those things would require a manuscript policy at considerable cost, unless an insurer would agree to issue two policies, one for land and one for waterborne.


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How interesting! These kind of situations really test your knowledge.....

It might be fun to email the video to my underwriters and tell them I need a quote....
Ha! Ha!
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I've been it a coupla times, and it isn't as nice as a Regency inside.


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insure the unit because of the risk of sinking....

I think most insurance co.s would just write an exception fot yhe water part.

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Not that I think anyone on here is nuts enough to buy one of those things, but lets look at the reality of using one in Florida. If you were to take that thing in salt water or even brackish water, think of what it would do to the steering parts, the brake parts, the tires, etc. For those of us who have sacrificed a boat and trailer or two to the sodium gods, we know that this MH would be unsustainable along the coast.

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They have large outboard driven barges that you drive your coach onto and go

A little thread drift, but some related RV/Marine trivia.....from a 1982 RV travel guide - the Camp-A-Float concept:

During the 1970's, they offered this at several inland lakes in FL, GA, NC AR, AZ & CA.

From their brochure: "The CAMP-A-FLOAT Cruiser is a 5-ton boat specifically designed to accommodate recreation vehicles on board, up to 31 feet in length and weighing no more than 9,000 lbs, for conversion to houseboat status. The CAMP-A-FLOAT Crusier is built on twin steel pontoons providing a total displacement of 30,000 lbs. Each 40 foot long pontoon is made from 8 individual sections welded together with addtional bow reinforcement using steel plates and rods. The twin pontoons are connected by 30 steel beams which also support the 38 by 12 foot, 1' thick vinyl clad deck. This are is totally enclosed by 100 feet of safety rails and gates, 28" high. The CAMP-A-FLOAT Cruiser has a 100 gallon sewer tank under the deck and 100 gallon fresh water with a pump to supply water on demand. With your RV connect to the Cruisers services you can CAMP-A-FLOAT without interruption or frequent service stops. The CAMP-A-FLOAT Cruiser is powered by an outboard marine engine which is controlled from a helm stand in the forward corner through rack and pinion steering and a combination throttle and shift lever. With 40 gallons of onboard gasoline you can cruise for up to 20 hours at speeds to 12 miles per hour."

Other tidbits: Powered by 65hp Evinrudes, loading/rigging was done on shore via marine railway & cradle, weight,
balance & trim by installing sand in selected pontoon compartments, 1970's cost: $40/day, $250/wk + fuel.

Neat concept, but apparantly the market didn't support it - only lasted a few years. (I also gotta think that it was an underwriter's nightmare Confused
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This is pretty cool. Bet ya it was a heck of a lot cheaper than that monster.
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Popular Science March 1978 Camp-A-Float

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Pokin' around checking prices for the St. Johns houseboats, a 53 footer that sleeps 8 [read 6], is $2600 for 7 days, 6 nights. Not cheap, but actually not terrible if this is what you wanted to do for a major vacation.

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I guess to be fair If I had unlimited income

here it is Smiler then just drive to it------or fly ROTFLMAO

OK I took a re-look and this other one is the one only $27,000,000.00 USD
here it is <<<<

alex my grandson
we snuck away over the
holidays for a little fun
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