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My friends and co-workers,...even Tina, say that I am a motorhome geek. I guess I can't deny it. The earliest memory I have is driving on my moms lap in a 79 Landau. My siblings say they always remember that thing because every time you would turn a corner, the cabinets would fly open lol. I always get nice comments when I mention my father owned one and it took until last year to realize why. I painted a floor in Grand Rapids Michigan for a fella named Ron who owns American R.V. It appears that the guy who manufactured Landau's now works for him as one of the guru's in the service department and it was among the first (if not the first), fiberglass bodied coach. My mother says she used to hang my bungie chord bouncy seat from this hook on the kwickie bed between my father and herself and she says I absolutely loved it! (Can you imagine doing that these days?!!! She would be in prison! ROTFLMAO)
My Dad later bought a 81' Executive, a Aztec pop up, a 27 foot Pace Aarow, and finally a 83 36 foot Wanderlodge. My Dad absolutely loved that coach but by the time he got it, all of my siblings and I were out of the house and my Mother lost her zeal for traveling. He still brags how he could set a deck of cards on the dinette and drive all day and the cards wouldn't move (true or not he believes it). Another benefit to a 48,000 lb Bird is the lack of sway from road winds.
Dad always wanted a Barth but they were just too much cash for him at the time (pre 93). He was thrilled however to hear I made an offer on mine and was even more excited to fly down to Florida with me to pick it up.
The moral of the story is I respect other coaches. I love to see other folks like yourselves doing the same. Granted, I will soon sell my Barth for a larger one, (a larger Barth that is), but it sure does not mean I will not stop everything I am doing to admire a Newell or Vogue, a Blue Bird, or even a Prevost.
Safe traveling to all, and I for one would not mind seeing some other coaches, (especially vintage coaches), at future GTG's. This way we can poke fun at eachother proper like as to who has the better coach Big Grin.
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Another benefit to a 48,000 lb Bird is the lack of sway from road winds.

You sure called that one. I immediately noticed the WL had zero movement from passing TTs and other big rigs. I could tell I was doing the pushing to a few vehicles when we passed though. The heaviest rig wins in that game I suppose.

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