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Driverless RVs next??
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The next step is to have a driverless, unconnected, toad that just follows the RV.


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Driverless vehicle are comming fast. The big push is going to be in the trucking and delivery sectors.

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Now think about this!!! What if some group was able to hack into the soft ware and cause mayhem. Don't tell me it couldn't be done. There has to be some control or supervision and it would necessitate online control. I can dream of no more terrible weapon of mass destruction. Sorry to rain on the parade.
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Just like ATMs... The PEOPLE at the bank know who I am and what I look like, no one could get to my money... (not to mention they are the ones who will lose their jobs, like the drivers)

I wonder how they do in heavy stop and go traffic, accidents, lane changes, etc. Open road is one thing....

(Besides, what will the road rage guys have to shoot at?) ROTFLMAO

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